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Application Procedure

School Visit: We host visiting mornings for families to tour the school and and see it in action. Please contact the school at to schedule a date to visit.

Informational Evening: Monday, February 6 at 6:30 pm. We encourage all families who are interested in applying to Red Cedar to attend our Informational Evening. If you let us know you are planning to attend, we can contact you if it's snowy or icy and the roads are bad and we need to reschedule the meeting.

Application We consider all applications received by March 15 together. We consider applications received after this date if there is space available.

  • Parent application.
  • Permission to contact staff at your child's school and to obtain transcripts and records. When considering if Red Cedar is a good fit for a student, we may decide that speaking directly with staff at your child's school will be helpful. We may also need information provided in your child's school transcript and records. We understand that this is sensitive information and will treat it confidentially. Please use the permission form provided.
  • Student application (for grades 6 - 8 only)
  • Teacher references (for grades 6 - 8 only)
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