Red Cedar School

Social Learning

Emphasis on Community

Red Cedar offers a personal community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging andexperiences mutual respect. This community provides a safe base from which an openinterest in learning can develop, and in which students can acquire the important socialskills that will be needed in all areas of their lives.

Each group starts the day with a morning meeting that focuses on community buildingand social learning. Older students are given leadership training and are supported in theirroles as mentors to younger students. The entire school gathers together weekly for anall-school meeting, and for all-school activities such as older-younger partners, a hike, orwork on a project such as the building of the cob oven. Teachers are closely involved inall aspects of the school and provide modeling and guidance in social interactionsthroughout the day.

Student Voice

Red Cedar supports the voice of students as they learn who they are, develop confidenceand personal initiative, and become active members of the community. Students’ ideas,questions, choices and feedback are encouraged in our small and interactive classes.Students are counted on to contribute to the life of the community, and to speak up andhelp solve problems when they arise. Teachers work to ensure that each student’s voice isheard.

Kindergarten through Middle School Together

Red Cedar chooses to encompass kindergarten through middle school because of the richness a mix ofages can bring to a community. Responsibility to the group and for each other is naturallyvalued. Cooperation and collaboration are emphasized rather than competition.Individuals, and their unique characteristics, strengths, challenges and aspirations, arevalued rather than single age standards. Older students provide encouragement toyounger ones. Students are empowered as learners because they can see the continuum ofwhere they’ve come from and where they’re going.

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