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“I’m so happy that this school exists. I only wish we had found you sooner. We feel that we have our son back again. He’s happy, he’s excited about school, he’s enjoying learning again, and he feels good about himself. Why did we wait so long?” – Parent of middle school boy

“There is truly a culture of respect and it creates a community of learners — students who love to learn and are actively engaged in their education.” – Former parent

“Because students know their input is valued, they are energized to do their best – to take chances. Communicating well, asking probing questions, expressing oneself, all requires courage. RCS gives each student respect, which imparts courage, and the rest flows from there.” – Parent of primary and upper elementary girls

Our sons have thrived at Red Cedar partly because of how personal, attentive and respectful your approach is, but also because of the rigorous academics. They have been motivated to do so much because of your high expectations and because of how meaningful and interesting the work is. – Parent of upper elementary and high school boys

“You have taught her to think for herself and to be interested in the world around her. I can't thank you enough.” – Parent of a middle school girl

“Red Cedar means everything to me. It is a place where I feel comfortable to push myself harder than ever. I feel I am able to accomplish everything I want to.” – Former high school student

“Helping my child develop essential skills such as critical thinking, communication and creative expression – this is where Red Cedar has helped my son the most because of the patience, caliber and caring of the teachers.” – Parent of a high school boy

“Red Cedar is a school that listens to its students and engages their minds.” – Graduate, class of ’06

“I like Red Cedar because I can just be me and everybody is welcoming and I feel good when I go there.” – Primary student

“Respect, challenge, appreciation, attention, humor, community, creativity, collaboration, exploration, joy — Thank you for all you give to your students. Wow!” —Parent of primary and upper elementary girls

“What more could one ask for but a child who wouldn’t miss a day, and jumps out of bed saying, 'Let’s go!'” – Parent of a primary girl

“I not only received a good education at Red Cedar, but also discovered … that my voice counts.” — Student, Class of ‘05

“The Red Cedar teachers understand my son and his unique learning needs. We had given up on finding a school where he would thrive until we found RC.” – Parent of a middle school boy

“Being at Red Cedar makes me care about how I learn and what I learn.” – Student, Class ’06

“We’ve seen amazing leaps in initiative and effort with a little encouragement and push from teachers. The enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers is contagious – just keep on doing what you do so well!” – Parent of an upper elementary boy

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